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Harris Plus
197-D South Southwood Ave.
Annapolis, MD 21401

We are open Monday - Friday, from 9am to 5pm

With conventional offset & digital options, Harris is a full service commercial printer serving the Washington, DC area and Nationwide. We started as a prepress service in 1975 and have grown to a full service printing company with numerous capabilities to fit your needs.

When trusting your image to a company, it’s nice to know they have your best interests at heart. We have always had the philosophy that if you offer superior service and quality that you can create long lasting customer relationships. Those relationships are what have made us successful.

Service and family values are the backbone of our company. We guarantee the performance of our employees and the value of our work.

A family-run operation

"I started in the printing industry in 1964. After I graduated from high school, I went into the US Navy and worked in the print shop aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS Coral Sea. After many years in the printing industry and working very hard for other owners, I realized my dream and started my own printing company. I am very proud that my two children, Quinn and Kristen are now by my side, hard at work. Quinn is our Vice President and Sales Manager and Kristen is our Secretary, Treasurer and Comptroller."

--Harold Harris--
Owner and President

Union Shop

Our employees take pride in their work, whether it be a run of 500 business cards or 50,000 books. And we take pride in our employees. That's why we have been and will remain a union shop.

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