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Annapolis, MD 21401

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Working For the Right Environment

Why go green?

When companies ask themselves this question, most are quickly overwhelmed with the staggering commitments, regulations and cost of making their operations environmentally friendly.

We asked ourselves the same question and the decision was easy – the hard work followed. As the printing industry has embraced the idea of being environmentally friendly, Harris LithoGraphics has positioned ourselves aseaders in this movement, having been the first US printer to be FSC certified in 2003.

In addition to FSC certification, Harris LithoGraphics works with only vegetable based inks and uses power created by wind turbines. Those two steps have reduced our carbon footprint and added to sustainability.

This actual website has been certified green, which means that our software monitors and neutralizes the end-to-end carbon footprint of our site, by regulating power used by the servers, other computers, and the networks that connect them. Now you can surf our site without impacting the environment!